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Heritage Training and Shooting Center

ABC Excellence in Construction

The Heritage Training & Shooting (HT&S) Ownership purchased an existing 31,750 SF shell building and selected Waynesboro Construction Co. to convert the existing structure to accommodate State of the Art Indoor Firing Ranges. To do this, the original 30’ x 30’ steel column spacing needed to be modified to create 50’ x 100’ bays to accommodate 12 shooting lanes each. The existing structure was shored and new foundations and supporting structures were constructed beneath the existing steel to allow for the removal of the original building columns.

Firing weapons in an indoor firing range is extremely loud. The Owner’s goal was to provide a facility where the noise from the firing ranges would be completely contained – zero firing range noise outside of the Firing range enclosure. Acoustical consultants were used to design construction methods and materials that would contain the noise. The solution was to build a structure within the existing building with a concrete roof, special sound barrier walls, several sets of high acoustic doors at each penetration, and sound soak materials on all surfaces.

The HVAC system is a highly specialized system that provides a constant linear air flow through the Firing Ranges. The system was designed and installed by Carey’s Heating & Air Conditioning out of Chicago. Each of the two (2) Firing Ranges are served by a 28,000 CFM supply fan and a 31,000 CFM Return fan system. All HVAC system were equipped with specialized filtering to remove all lead dust. This results in a full air change every 2 minutes.