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Carroll Creek Linear Park & Shared Use Path

ABC Excellence in Construction, NAIOP – Award of Excellence

Starting in the 1980’s, a $60 million flood control project was constructed to protect the downtown district from the flooding of Carroll Creek. The flood control project routed floodwater through large box culverts (80’ to 100’ across) that remained exposed through the downtown area. The purpose of this project was to transform the surface area of the flood control box culverts into a hardscape path and landscaped park through the city to enhance commercial, retail, and residential development, and to provide a plaza with amenities for pedestrians. The project consisted of five work areas/phases spread over one mile.

Each of the five phases of the project enhanced a separate section of the linear park with different hardscaping, landscaping, and amenities. Hardscaping included colored concrete, brick, and stone walking paths, and walls for terracing and accent features. Landscaping covered all areas not covered with hardscape. Amenities included waterfall and large-scale fountain features, bridges, signal controlled street crosswalks, and pedestrian benches. The entire pathway was constructed to meet current handicap accessibility.